About A. Heller Metals

Historical Gold Pouring

During the late 1920's in New York City, Abraham Heller founded A. Heller Metals & Company (Eventually, the company would be known as A. Heller Metals Company, Incorporated.) Initially, the company mainly produced solders for gold usage.

Within the next few years, Mr. Heller became interested in producing alloys for gold. This interest led him to begin an extremely productive working partnership with his friend Ernie Juergens. Mr. Juergens was the owner of the alloy producing firm known as "H. Henrich & Co.". This well known and trusted company had been founded in 1879 by Mr. Juergen's father in-law., Henry Henrich.

While pondering his retirement in the mid-1940's, Mr. Juergens decided to sell his interest in the business to his trusted friend Abraham Heller. It was also during this time that Mr. Heller expanded the business to include karat gold products.

Due to the vast wealth of knowledge and experience passed on by Mr. Heller, Mr. Juergens, & Mr. Henrich; A. Heller Metals Co. continues to produce some of the finest quality alloys, solders, and karat gold products in the industry today. Additionally, A. Heller Metals is still family owned and is now operating in Hicksville, New York. And perhaps most importantly, we still continue to strictly adhere to our founder's strong business ethics; as well as his equally strong dedication to quality & service.
Trust in the name A. HELLER METALS Co., Inc. whenever you are in need of quality alloys, solders or karat gold products!